Brick Breaker Revolution FREE App Reviews

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To bad you cant give negative stars

After downloading, the app wouldnt open. It just simply crash every time.


Unable to open game from iphone4s desktop. Downloads onto iphone4s w/o problem. Had to show one star or couldnt post review

Needs work

Run fine in the past. Now I have 9.2.1 and it crashes on starting up.

Will not open

Cant get it to open on iPhone 5s. Updated to 9.2.1

What happen?!

This was the greatest game for brick breaker and now I cant play it lame !


This go hard

Cool effects, great sound!

Really like this little game, its full of eye candy. Has good gameplay mechanics, fun little powerup. I will buy this soon so i have something to play in my roadtrip this weekend.

Whatta deal

This is a lotta game and well worth the low price of the full one. In some ways the visuals are simpler n ez to follow than the big brutha 3d game - also a great game.


I had this game on my old phone before i upgraded to the Iphone and man, it looks so much better on this bad boy. So far this is fun and i will most likely be buying this.

so many bricks, so much fun!

this is a must get, its AWESOME i wont even let anyone else touch my phone when i get into this game!!!!!

Worst game ever

Omg it suks worst game I have ever played on my iPhone!

Awesome Music!

This is one of the best brick breakers so far. I played the 3d version and it was good, but this one just brings me back to the classic style of brick breaker. Great job!


my new favorite BRICK BREAKER!!! -carz


wow this is great !! if u dont need all the 3D and extra things then this is the game for u! I have the 3D version and this one and I have to say, this one is better.

Chaos Brick!

This ate up a lot of my time when I had this on the VX8500. Looks like itll eat my time again.

the old is new again

i love the simple gameplay! left & right, thats it! And the power ups! eat your heart out breakout!

A new breakout for the new century!

I came for the bricks, and stayed for the eternal levels!


My nephew started playing my iPhone and this is his favorite game! Since since he bought it himself and broke Level 1000!


good free app

Cleaner, sharper, easier to use...

This app is like a breath of fresh air after the 3D madness in Digital chocolates previous offering in this genre. Its just you, the ball, and the bricks. No tilting screen, fewer flashing colors, much cleaner and easier to use. If you liked 3d, but couldnt keep up with the glitz, give this 2D version a try! Yes. This version has all the power ups and other features, just no eye-blurring motions. Very suitable for people my age (late 30s) as well as for the older crowds, and maybe some 20 somethings too.